Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bloor Cinema teaming up with Fringe Festival

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Bloor Cinema teaming up with Fringe Festival

LIVE versions of Blue Velvet, Jurassic Park, Buffy from July 1-12

The Bloor is Toronto’s largest cinema. The Fringe is Toronto’s largest theatre festival. And now they’re partnering to bring you a new kind of event.

The Silver Stage, July 1-12 at the Fringe, will blur the line between theatre and film by taking the Rocky Horror "shadowcasting" experience to the next level. Shadowcasting is when a live ensemble recreates a movie on stage, while the film is playing behind them. The performers mirror and complement the action onscreen, using creative props and costumes to bring the movie to life. It's not simply mimicry, though; these shows take the films to whole new places.

The Silver Stage will run throughout the festival at the Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor Street West), with different movie-shows playing on alternating nights:

• JURASSIC PARK — Steven Spielberg’s classic adventure reimagined with dancing helicopters and day-glo dinosaurs. Directed by Alex Woodside. July 3, 7, 11

• BLUE VELVET — David Lynch’s surreal mystery brought to life with live music, campy excess, and some of Toronto’s hottest young actors and musicians. Directed by Robin Sharp. July 1, 4, 9

• Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING" — The triumphant musical episode of Joss Whedon’s cult horror-comedy comes out as a Broadway-style extravaganza. Directed by Justin Decloux. July 2, 5, 10

• REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA — The Bloor's resident Shadow Cats troupe revels in the Grand Guignol of Darren Lynn Bousman's gothic sci-fi rock opera. July 8

• THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW — The one that started it all closes out the festival, as performed by the Bloor's legendary Excited Mental State. July 12

All shows start at 9:30 p.m., with doors opening at 8:30. Tickets are $10 each and may be purchased at (look for "THE SILVER STAGE") or via the Fringe Hotline (416-966-1062).

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Wednesday July 1 — Blue Velvet
Thursday July 2 — Once More, With Feeling
Friday July 3 — Jurassic Park
Saturday July 4 — Blue Velvet
Sunday July 5 — Once More, With Feeling
Monday July 6 — (night off)
Tuesday July 7 — Jurassic Park
Wednesday July 8 — Repo! The Genetic Opera
Thursday July 9 — Blue Velvet
Friday July 10 — Once More, With Feeling
Saturday July 11 — Jurassic Park
Sunday July 12 — The Rocky Horror Picture Show

All start at 9:30 p.m.

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