Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clever girl....

A Twitter saga of dinosaur love lost and found

bitwhizzle: craigslist missed connection for a cast member of Jurassic Park (Silver Stage) !!! #FringeTO (not me btw, i just found)
@bitwhizzle I found her tonight at the Silver Screen of Blue Velvet #FringeTO Found the Missed Connection Velociraptor girl tonight at #FringeTO
bitwhizzle: @Toronto_Fringe we've made a craigslist connection come true!!! we are HEROES!!! #FringeTO

prettypoopie: Apparently I can fog up someone's porthole anytime. Totally going to reply to that misconnection.... ;P #FringeTO

bitwhizzle: i feel like a superhero! #FringeTO brings people together...and craigslist...and Twitter... go get him @prettypoopie (aka Velociraptor 1)!!! prettypoopie: @bitwhizzle lol! Dude, it's just too funny!
postshaggy: @prettypoopie sam got one too!!!postshaggy: @prettypoopie I wish someone would misconnect with me :(
prettypoopie: @postshaggy really?!?!?! Yay!!!! Go Sam!!!
bitwhizzle: I guess people really love those raptors! #FringeTO

bitwhizzle: another craigslist miss.conn. found: this time for OTHER Velociraptor girl!!! wow! #FringeTO
Tonight's the final performance of Jurassic Park, and there are still some advance tickets available; call the Fringe Hotline at 416-966-1062, visit, or pop by the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick) before 6:30 to buy yours. More will become available at the Bloor starting at 8:30, but we expect those to go fairly quickly.

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